Power Plant Supply Company has been a top supplier of water and wastewater equipment for over forty years and is the exclusive distributor of Link-Seal® products in Canada.

We are located across Canada with three fully stocked warehouses in Toronto, Halifax, and Edmonton, enabling us to ship same-day from coast-to-coast to meet your immediate requirements.

We carry an extensive range of equipment including, Casing Spacers, Lamons Flange Isolation Kits, valves, and Lansas pipe plugs. In addition, you can rely on us to deliver your trusted brand items including PowerBlanket®, Magnadrive® Friction-Free Couplings, Heatizon® Systems radiant heating technology, and snow melting mats.

Our experienced sales and technical associates work extensively with customers to ensure accurate sizing and specifications for all applications.

PPSco President
Stephen Riesberry
PPSco Admin
Susan Riesberry
Administrative Assistant

PPSco Corporate Accounts
Eileen Middleton
Corporate Accounts Administrator

PPsco Sales Manager
Tyler Rodgers
Canadian Sales Manager

PPsco Sales Rep for Link Seal Pipe Plug Casing Spacer Heat Trace Puddle Flange Boa Tape
Shawn Torrey
Sales Representative

Power Plant Supply Co Link Seal Casing Spacer Pipe Plug Heat Trace Dog
Guard Dog

PPSCo Business Development Research Link Seal Pipe Plug Boa Tape Casing Spacer Heat Trace Cable
Jeff Wong
Business Development & Research