Concrete/Epoxy Heating

Powerblanket® Concrete/Epoxy Curing

Power Plant Supply stocks heating blankets for concrete curing and epoxy at all three of our warehouses located throughout Canada to meet your needs.

Curing blankets provide a manageable way to cure both concrete and epoxy. Our blankets can cure concrete up to 2.8 times faster than conventional insulated blankets and can produce cold weather concreting strength of 3925 PSI in 72 hours.

Our epoxy blankets eliminate the need for costly curing ovens while enabling and enhancing the durability of longevity of epoxy and other resins.

See how our Concrete Curing blankets helped with a project at the Statue of Liberty by clicking here.

Why Choose Powerblanket® Heating Blankets?

  • High watt density for effective and economical heating & curing
  • ACI compliance for cold-weather concreting
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Saves time, money, and labour
  • Utilized in Construction, Roofing, Manufacturing, Speciality Gases, Sprayfoams, and much more

More Details (.PDF Datasheets)

Powerblanket® Concrete Curing Brochure
Powerblanket® Specs

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