Heatwave® Interior Floor Heating Mats

Heatwave® Floor Heating Mats

heatwave mats

Heatwave Radiant Floor Heating Mats by Heatizon Systems are an affordable, convenient way to add heat to smaller areas or laid out together for larger zones. The mats are easy to lay out and install!

The system is then connected to a GFCI programmable thermostat which is included with the kit. They are available in both 120V and 240, and their ease of install makes it the ideal off-the-shelf interior heating solution for handymen, contractors, and the home DIYer.

Why Use Heatwave® Floor Heating Mats?

Benefits of Heatizon Interior Heating:

Floor Heat Comparison

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (see warranty info below for details)
  • Thermostactically Controlled
  • Quick, Easy Installation
  • Promotes Indoor Air Quality
  • Adds Luxury and Comfort to Cold Surfaces like bathroom tile

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Heatwave Mat Spec Info

More Details on Heatwave Floor Heating (.PDF Datasheets)

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Heatwave Installation Guide
Heatwave Warranty Details

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