Link-Seal® modular seals, the original link seals, are considered to be the preferred method for permanently sealing pipes of any size passing through walls, floors and ceilings. In fact, any cylindrical object may be quickly, easily and permanently sealed, as they pass through barriers, by the patented Link-Seal modular seal design.

Ductile iron, concrete, metal, and plastic pipes may be hydrostatically sealed within walls to hold up to 20 psig (40 feet of static head). Electrical or telecommunications cable may be sealed within conduit as they enter vaults or manholes. The annular space between carrier pipes passing through casings may be sealed against the entry of water, soil or backfill material. For an application where Link-Seal cannot be used, we also offer special customized seals, Pipe Plugs, and Puddle Flanges.

For new pour installlations, Link-Seal is often used with our lightweight and affordable Century-Line Wall Sleeves. Learn more about them by clicking here!

GPT Certified Link-Seal®

Benefits of GPT Certified Link-Seal:

Link-Seal Varieties

  • Save time and money
  • Positive hydrostatic seal of 20 psi
  • Long seal life
  • Maximum protection against corrosion
  • Available in oil resistant, high temperature and NSF certified models
    • ISO Assurance of quality

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More Details (.PDF Datasheets)

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