MagnaDrive’s patented technology uses high power Neodymium-Iron-Boron permanent magnets to create an induced magnetic force used for torque transfer.

Our system physically separates the two elements of the motor system, placing magnet discs on the load shaft and a conductor assembly on the motor shaft. Motor torque is transferred to the load across an air gap.

Friction-less Couplings

Benefits of Magnadrive®:

Magnadrive Coupling

  • No-contact power transfer – eliminates vibration, reduces noise, tolerates misalignment, provides overload protection, extends motor and equipment life and reduces overall maintenance costs.
  • Energy efficiency – Up to 70% audited energy savings in various installations
  • Precise process control – Improves product quality and optimizes process rates
  • Magnadrive Friction Free Coupling

    • Soft start/stop – Reduces the motor’s start-up power demands and the resulting brown-outs, alleviates paying for peak power, allows downsizing of motors, increases motor life and reduces maintenance
    • Simplicity and ruggedness – System can be maintained in-house and used in harsh conditions
    • ISO Assurance of quality
More Details

Magnadrive® Product Catalog (PDF)
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Magnadrive® Case Study – Chevron Corporation, Oil Tanker (Oil & Gas)
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