Manhole Infiltration Products

Manhole Infiltration Products

Riser WrapFiber TecBoa Tape

Manhole infiltration products eliminate groundwater seepage into manholes.

Riser Wrap

  • Two-layer system: visco-elastic adhesive liquid sealant covered by heat shrink sleeve
  • Applications: Pipelines, Septic Tanks, Step-Down Joints, Manhole Encapsulation
  • Low Preheat Requirements & Impermeable
  • High Shrink Force
  • High Impact & Penetration Resistance
  • High modulus of elasticity backing

Fiber Tec

  • Glass fiber reinforced plastic that cures via UV light
  • Optimum, waterproof mechanical protection for pipe coating
  • Handles up to 212°F constantly and 393°F temporarily
  • High Chemical Resistance
  • Adheres to almost any surface (ie. PE, PVC, steel, ductile iron, concrete)
  • Applications: Casing Spacer for tight annulus, lining manholes/basins, horizontal drilling as protection for pipe coating

Boa Tape

  • Designed for sealing joints against ground water infiltration
  • Available as 150′ rolls in 4″, 6″, and 12″ widths
  • Applications: Manhole Sealing, Corrosion Protection,Septic Vaults, Repair & Rehabilitation
  • High Bonding Force & Impermeability
  • High Impact & Penetration Resistance
  • No special tools required
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