Monolithic Isolation Joint (MIJ)

Monolithic Isolation Joint

Electrostop Monolithic Isolation Joint

Power Plant Supply’s Monolithic Isolation Joints are produced by ALFA Engineering, an Italian company that has manufactured high quality MIJs worldwide in the petrochemical & gas industries for over 30 years.

Isolation Joints serve as a positive leak proof, long lasting block against the flow of electric current in all piping systems. They eliminate short circuits, costly & time consuming field assembly, and loss of insulating capabilities as a result of water infiltration. Give us a call at one of our three offices for your quote!

ALFA Monolithic Isolation Joints®

Monolithic Isolation Joint Insulated Fitting

  • Factory Assembled: boltless and in accordaance to ASTM, API, DIN, and BS codes
  • Warranted against failure caused by manufacturing defects for 1 year
  • Registered ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
  • Drastically decereases overall project life cycle costs

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ALFA® Monolithic Isolation Joints Brochure

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