Mont Tremblant Snow Melting

Mont Tremblant Ski Resort Snow Melting

Mont Tremblant Snow Melting

An Invisible Solution

According to Ski Magazine Readers, Mont Tremblant is the premier ski resort in Eastern North America. Its origins can be traced back to 1939! The buildings of ski resorts can often present unique challenges when dealing with snow removal as well as ice dam formation. For example, since visible heat trace cable would compromise the aesthetics of the buildings, an invisible snow melting solution was necessary to get the job done. The Mont Tremblant Snow Melting solution was found using our Heatizon products.

Since our Heatizon Zmesh Products can be installed underneath shingles on a non-metallic surface, we were able to give the ski resort a heating solution that was still pleasing to the eye. In addition, since Zmesh comes with an industry-leading 25-year warranty, it is a long-term solution that requires little to no maintenance.

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