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Lansas Pipe Plugs

Power Plant Supply Company provides a variety of Pipe Plugs, Test Plugs, and Flow-Thru Plugs in single and multi-size units.

Lansas originally started making test plugs back in 1955, setting new standards for pipeline equipment. Today, they are a leader in products, performance, service, and custom applications for pipeline maintenance equipment. From Joint Testers, High Pressure Plugs, and Air & Vacuum Testing Equipment, we can help you solve your pipeline issue!

Multi-Size Domehead™ Test Plugs

Domehead Test Pipe Plugs

  • One of the most durable & reliable multi-size pipe plugs in the industry
  • Patented design minimizes side-wall stress & eliminates longitudinal tearing
  • Unique “Spider-Ring™” on ends of plug transfers inflation stress away from base plates
  • Domeheads are up to 50% lighter & have higher flexibility than competition

Multi-Size Flow-Thru™

Flowthru Pipe Plugs

  • Same patented designs as Domehead plugs
  • Offer large bypass within pipe plug
  • Ideal for water tests and sewer bypasses
  • Available in Nitrile or Neoprene and Stainless Steel components for chemical/petroleum applications

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