Speciality Seals

Speciality Seals

speciality seals

Power Plant Supply Company provides seals for the jobs where Link-Seal® aren’t suitable.

Be it off-centered pipe, large annular spaces, or axial/radial movement, with our plethora of special seals we can make a solution for you! Give us a call at 416-752-3339 to find out how we can help. See how we helped PCL Construction!

Model GP-SD Large Difference in Diameter

speciality seal for large difference in diameter

The Model GP-SD is a large difference in diameter seal which is used when a small pipe needs to be sealed through a large core or sleeve.

Model GP-UM Eccentric Seal

Speciality seal for off center pipe axis
The Model GP-UM Eccentric Seal is used for applications where the pipe axis is off centre of the opening.

Model GP-PT Vibration Seal

Speciality Seals for accommodating vibration

The Model GP-PT Vibration Seal has been designed to withstand and accommodate vibration which can be present in the pipe.

Model WG-C Flexible Seal

Speciality Seals for low pressure sealing with pipe movement

Model WG-C seals are engineered for low-pressure sealing and to allow for pipe movement in three dimensions while maintaining a seal. These seals are available for pipe sizes 1″-10″ in diameter.

Model GP-DL High Pressure Seal

Speciality Seal for High Pressure

The Model GP-DL High Pressure Seal provides a seal with two one-piece seals bonded together to form a single seal for high pressure applications up to 72 PSI.

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