Summerstep™ Snow Melting Floor Mats

Summerstep™ Snow Melting Floor Mats

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Falls account for 8,000,000+ emergency room visits per year, and are the leading cause of occupational injury for people aged 55+.

SummerStep Outdoor Heated Mats keep stairs, doorways, ramps, walkways and alleys safe & secure from slip & fall accidents during the winter, the prime time for these kinds of injuries to occur.

Made by PowerBlanket, these mats remove snow and ice on contact without using harsh chemicals that can have negative effects on the environment as well as roadway materials such as asphalt or concrete. This helps home owners and business owners manage the hazards of winter with a long-term environmentally-friendly way.

For information about snow & ice melting on roofs and eavestroughs or gutters, please click here.

Why Use SummerStep™ Snow Melting Mats?

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  • Durable, Reliable, Long Lasting
  • More convenient than shovelling snow
  • 1 year Peace of Mind Warranty
  • Environmentally Safe
  • The ONLY snow melting mat made in the USA

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More Details on SummerSteps Floor Heating (.PDF Datasheets)

SummerStep Specification Info
SummerStep Winter Safety Handbook

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