Total Temperature Control

Powerblanket’s goal is to solve your temperature issues. Established in 2005, they use their patented GreenHeat technology so that their products can deliver uniform directional heat wherever it’s needed. Powerblanket products help maintain optimal temperatures to avoid fluids or other critical materials from freezing over. From concrete curing and propane tank heating to beer fermentation processes, Powerblanket can do it all!

Power Plant Supply is a proud distributor of Powerblanket products. We have experts on hand to answer any questions related to operation, design, or installation of these products — give us a call today at 416-752-3339 to find out how we can help.

Powerblanket® Products

Barrel/Drum Heater

Tank Heater

Gas Cylinder Heater

Tote Heater

Ground Thawing

Concrete/Epoxy Curing

Custom Blankets

Industrial Cooling

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